Bridges project – needs and assessments

Tortosa was host city for the second meeting of the EU-Bridges-Project, in which CSIT is a partner.
The project is scheduled to run for two years from January 2019 to January 2021 and co-financed by the European Union. The main objective is to create cohesive and inclusive local communities that foster participation and exchange between old and new residents. It promotes active civic participation of ‘new’ and ‘old’ residents of neighborhoods and local communities, encouraging dialogue, collaboration and intercultural exchange between them. Citizens will be mobilized and motivated to interact with each other and to make their skills and voluntary work available to the community.In the second meeting, the needs and assessments of the Bridges project were discussed and explained by using practical examples. Where is the need to work with the project, with which communities and which groups? Why is the project that important? What challenges brings the project? What tools, approaches and success stories from the best practices of the participating partners AICS, COSPE and SOCIOLAB (Italy), UCEC (Spain), ANTIGOLE (Greece) and CPS (Croatia) can be shared and used to help to overcome the challenges?

No matter which country, third country nationals are facing the same problems. The biggest challenges for projects like Bridges are mostly the same: How can you reach the target group and create sustainable communities, how can the project raise positive co-existance of migrants and locals, bring convivence and community feeling and install the mixture of cultures as well as break barriers because of language problems. The tools and assessments for a positive solution are quite similar too: Music, Workshops, Dancing classes or cooking events. Bring people together and raise group feeling.