In Thessaloniki teenagers of diverse backgrounds join their creative energy together, within the BRIDGES Project

On Friday, November 22nd, the ANTIGONE team carried out an experiential interactive workshop with one group of teenage students of migrant, refugee and national origin (Syria, Afghanistan, Greece) in a Technical Vocational High School in Thessaloniki. During the workshop, 35 students explored the change they can make in their neighborhood and community, by working together in cultural, volunteer and sports activities of their interest and came up with the next steps of their team.

The workshop’s results were positive and promising and it will be repeated with the general population of the school.

The school is located on Monastiriou street, one of the biggest highways of the city in an industrial, rather disadvantaged neighborhood of Western Thessaloniki in close proximity to the regional train station. It is common that tensions and conflicts take place in the region, with the school forming a multicultural meeting space between Greek, Balkan and third country national students.

The workshop has been designed in an interactive way so as to facilitate participants perceive the potential of their cooperation that can lead to joint creative work leaving the boundaries aside. During the workshop, the BRIDGES Project has been introduced to the participant students and they were all invited to become carriers of peaceful and collaborative living together, being their community’s dynamic core.