The Covid-19 pandemic forces the EU-funded BRIDGES project into the digital world
CSIT is a partner in the EU Bridges project, whose main objective is to create inclusive local communities for refugees and people from Third World countries in Spain, Italy, Croatia and Greece, promoting participation and exchange between old and new residents. CSIT is responsible for the international media distribution and placement of the local projects. Covid-19, like so many other things, has forced BRIDGES to a standstill.Shortly before Easter, an online meeting took place where the partner associations explored how to deal with the current problem concerning BRIDGES and how to resume and continue the EU project as soon as possible despite the Corona Pandemic. Social networking activities were also discussed as well as the preparation of activities for the time after Covid-19 and the slow restart of the important BRIDGES integration projects.

Nobody knows exactly when it will be possible to return to normality worldwide. Likewise, no one can say at present how the Corona problem will affect society and life in the future due to changing needs. It is therefore all the more important to have at least an approach for “life after” and to discuss ideas and possibilities together and develop them as far as possible. BRIDGES does not want to and must not be idle, but is preparing itself with ONLINE meetings for the hopefully imminent re-launch.