How Antigone reacted to lockdown

We keep on building BRIDGES for communication (now online…)

The new and sudden social conditions we live in do put a barrier to our in person meetings but they cannot stop us from staying in contact realizing all that link us. After 2 face-to-face meetings, in March 2020 the ANTIGONE’s team attempted the first online meeting with Thessaloniki’s 12th Vocational High School student participants of BRIDGES. All youngsters expressed their need, will and intention to keep on sharing and creating together under the BRIDGES project. Since then, our meetings take place on a weekly basis via webinar tools. Under these difficult and peculiar circumstances people find themselves with lot of time to spare but with only few opportunities to contact and communicate with others. This is why they find BRIDGES an ideal chance for them to discharge from problems and stressful thoughts, to reflect and to relax.

The program that is followed in the weekly meetings was created by the participants and the ANTIGONE’s team. Through various photography activities aiming to increase self-expression, self-knowledge, sentimental well-being and sensitization on various social issues, the group members share thoughts, feelings and ideas, learn each other in depth and jointly build the bridges that connect them.

In order to run the online meetings, the students who live in the Refugee Camp of Diavata connect all together in one PC supported by the educator of “Arsis” NGO who is responsible for their education and well-being. In parallel, the other participants and the educational team of ANTIGONE connect from their homes. Overall, the group is consisted by high school students of Roma origin and students with origin from Albania, Russia and Bangladesh. In total, 6 on line meetings took place, with an average of 8-10 participants.

The team and the workshops of the BRIDGES project enable participants to enjoy qualitative time with their classmates and friends facilitating them to stay focused on common aims and desires they initially set at the launch of BRIDGES and they had already started to realize. ANTIGONE supports them and their efforts to succeed in realizing those aims.

We continue shaping our school and our neighbourhood together! We stay in touch!!