BRIDGES: New perspectives after the lockdown – Croatia!

Being a part of the BRIDGES project gave us the possibility to think, create and supporte many important initiatives in Croatian society. Last winter we working a lot on planning of activities that we could do together with local communities in order to create bridges within our societies.

And just as we were about to start preparing the Nowruz party, the Afro-Croatian convention, the Choir Festival – we were hit by an health crisis that has put us in the mode of lockdown. This state created many discomfort and anexiety. We needed time to rethink, reconnect and restructure our plans nad work so far.

Even though we where in physical distance, we did not create social distance. Online world gave the possibility to stay connected. We shared our thoughts in facebook groups, followed dance classes that were spontaneously poping up online, participated in online choir rehearsals and similar. We did not stop. That was the most important feeling. Even though online communication was sometimes overwelming – it kept us going.

June brought the old new perspective, that rewoke BRIDGES activities. We went back to local community meetings, gathering, activities; but again have redesignded some planned activities into online. Bridges between us were never broken, we have just found a new way how to keep them going. In Croatia, we have started the month of June with the party of collective Women to Women – where local, refugee and migrant women gathered to celebrate all that was missed during the lockdown. At the moment we are preparing an event called Refugee Weeks, in honor of the World Refugee Day. We will combine online and live activities and promotions, that will be publicly launched on 16th of June.