How “Bridges” builds help for homework

In response to the situation generated by Coronavirus, COSPE and IParticipate have activated through the Bridges project an online service for helping elementary and middle school students do their homework, catch up on any subjects they have trouble with and/or prepare for the middle school grade test. This service will be delivered by a staff of young people with background and will be available until 31th July.

The ‘long distance teaching’ put in place by the Italian government during the quarantine period following the health emergency caused by the pandemic, has revealed many of the existing inequalities in the society and accentuated them. It increased the effects of the digital divide that separates students with suitable devices and stable internet connection, who were able to follow online classes and benefit from them, and other thousands of students that lacked such resources, who couldn’t benefit of proper education. Indeed, a great portion of students stayed behind in their study program, had difficulties doing their homework or lacked any kind of support in their educational activities.

In response to this situation, COSPE and IParticipate, joined forces and put together this service with the precious contribution of young people with migratory backgrounds who put their variety of spoken languages and cultural richness to the disposal of students who most need it. In fact, children with migratory backgrounds are those whose parents have more difficulty in helping them with their homework, or those whose socio-economic factors play into their lack of suitable devices or internet connection and, hence, are also the most affected by the limitations of the ‘long distance teaching’.