Bridges – Covid-19 changes everything in Florence

Participants and volunteers talk about the changes in Florence caused by the Corona Pandemic

“In the beginning, each of us worked separately, each association on its own. The district was divided. Now the whole community works closely together and cooperates.We listen more and enrich each other with initiatives and proposals”, says Patricia, the president of the association “Colombia ES”.

BRIDGES is continuing in times of corona closure and developing new forms of interaction to promote real social cohesion between the different groups in District 5 in Florence. The BRIDGES project, which was born with the aim of combating xenophobia and cultural barriers, is still working despite the pandemic.

BRIDGES, coordinated by AICS, the Associazione Italiana Cultura Sport, has already involved over sixty Italian and migrant associations in District 5 of Florence. In recent weeks, the experience of the participation of many volunteers and event organisers has been shared on the Facebook page @Bridges-project-europeo-aics-accommodate-soliday-Florence.

“We have already published six interviews and are waiting for more to be published,” Patricia continues. “The purpose of these interviews is not only to tell stories about people from the associations and volunteers who are involved in the project, but also to show how the BRIDGES project has had an impact on the community”. Among all these impacts, Florence shows the value of diversity as a resource and the discovery of new interactions between the associations, which together have a clear common goal: the promotion of social cohesion.

In anticipation of the physical participation in this experience, social participation will continue on the project’s Facebook page, also through the re-posting of content shared by the association partners. As reported in the interview with Annalisa from the association “Insieme per Brozzi – Gruppo 334”, which is waiting to make “a Ring a Ring-o’Roses around the world”.

Stay tuned via the Facebook page: Bridges-progetto-europeo-aics-accoglienza-solidale-Firenze.