Florence, from the participation to the sharing: how the BRIDGES events take place

The reconstruction of the BRIDGES methodology, for the real social cohesion, through the interviews to the members of the BRIDGES’ network
«BRIDGES also taught me a way of building these events, that provides for a strongly collective participation, but it’s still efficient and organised and that’s not taken for granted», this is how Paola Pivetta, head of “Il Colle” Association and “Rete di Solidarietà del Quartiere 5”, ends her video interview in which shares her own experience in the BRIDGES European Project (Building Relationships and Integration by Developing local Groups and Enhancing Solidarity), which operates with the objective of social cohesion of the community, in the District 5, where, to the present day, it builded a strong network among the participating associations.
But how was concretely been possible to make this network’s building?
From the words of the participants – you can find all the video interviews on our Facebook page – emerge that a fundamental and specific aspect of the BRIDGES project, to which an added value is recognised: the methodology.
Here, a thought of Annalisa Morali on the BRIDGES methodology: «What has gave me an excellent impression and that has left me a mark is the way in which these events were built. It was a very inclusive method in which we were the real protagonists and not only ‘just’ executors: everyone said what they wanted to do and could do and everyone was given the time and the possibility to better express the characteristics of their country».
As reported in the quotes of the members of the BRIDGES’ Project, the methodology of the project for the building of the events is realised in the moment when the convocation to the “building tables” is sent to the network’s associations. In the occasion of the “building tables” the representatives of the associations gather to discuss and face up on the implementation of the event. Every association offers its contribute in terms of competences and resources, as reported by Patricia, head of the association “Colombia ES”, «Every person has a specific role into the project». There is a participated debate in which the criteria for the co-construction of the activities to carry out during the event are defined in a shared way, always with a look at the objective of our project: the social cohesion of the community. At the end of the discussion, each association makes a proposal to offer its contribution to the event, that is the activity: «Every person should be aware of his task and his part to play» (Maria Fernanda, “Colombia ES”). Once all the activities to realize are defined, the group of “BRIDGES Event Builders” is ready to finalize all the actions necessary for their implementation (e.g. purchase of materials, survey, role definition) and if necessary meet a second time.
Therefore, what emerged and has been collected from the interviews of those who took part in the construction of the events so far, gives an account of how and how much the methodology used by BRIDGES allows to work in a rigorous way. In addition, it has been noticed that the way in which BRIDGES is realised works; it works well in terms of social cohesion, that is, the – effective – pursuit of its objective.

«We have learned the importance of collaborating with other cultural entities, other associations and we have also learned a method, a way of working together with these entities – told Anna Flamini of the “Con lo sguardo di Filippo” Association – I think it is a very important thing and, for us, it’s a beginning for future projects» and «I think that’s a treasure to share with others» (Annalisa Morali, “Gruppo 334 – Insieme per Brozzi”).