First public event in Croatia

Refugee Weeks – 15th until 27th June 2020

After certain amount of time spent in researching different communities in Croatia, we were ready to organise the first Bridges public event in Croatia: Refugee Weeks. In the world, we celebrate the 20th of June as the World Refugee Day and our public event was organised to mark this day. Since, in Croatia – the integration process is aimed to become decentralised, we organised the Refugee Weeks that lasted for two weeks and have included communities all around Croatia. That were: Karlovac, Sisak, Kutina, Slavonski Brod, Split, Zadar, Zagreb, Kuterevo i Ježevo. The event was organised just after Croatian society has lived through a lockdown caused due to Covid-19 pandemic, so most of events were organised online; but some were held live.

This event was organised in partnership with civil society organisations that are members of unformal network “Coordination for integration”. Centre for Peace Studies, as a network member and coordinator, but also as a provider of the Bridges project – has created an online campaign whose aim was to promote integration of refugees through everyday life stories. The campaign included stories of refugees that are living in Croatia and have found their places within the community. In short videos and a radio jingle, five refugees (Shazad, Melike, Juhana, Yazdan and Bongo) talk about what their life in Croatia looks like, what they do and what is important to them, and show that Croatia is a place where we all live together.

Videos were presented through social media, but were also shown on Croatian National Television. This has brought the stories of refugees closer to the Croatian population – bridges were build from one home to another.