Music as a connection energy for integration, that remained in the times of crisis

Music touches the soul and doesn’t ask where you come from or which language do you speak. Music connects through the rhythm, sound and melody. Music relaxes. Music heals. These are the premises on which a group called „Home guests“ (in Croatian: Domaćigosti) was gathered and started working together. It is a choir that gathers singing lovers who decided to contribute to the music diversity of Croatian society by singing songs from all over the world. Every member contributes in a special way – by improving music expression of a choir and with choosing songs. Members are women, men, tall, short, longhair, shorthair, Croatian, foreigners, Serbian, Turkish, blond, brownhair – it doesn’t matter. The intention of the choir is to show the feeling of being welcome and spreading the energy of opennes within society. The choir members started to gather in 2016 and they became a part of the BRIDGES project in 2019. The first idea we had was to create jointly a Choir festival, but that was before the health crises that we have encountered – and the idea was changed. We must share how the flexibility of the music made possible that BRIDGES keeps on going and that people and community stays connected. Rehearsalas started as physical meetings of members, but ended up as zoom rehearsals. Summer brought some more possibilities for physical meetings so there were again live performances. With that, rehearsals were again possibility of a physical meeting outside. But that was stopped by the winter approaching and choir rehearsals targeted as a threat for possible spread of being infected with covid-19. So the dream of having a Choir Festival within community, near the Sava river in the City of Zagreb – remaind a dream; and the choir members remained online faces. But cheerful online faces that create sounds, melodies, and hopefully cheer up many of us out there longing for a better life!