Post-lockdown and post-earthquake gathering – Celebrating life!

In 2020, March was supposed to be a month where a celebration of Nowruz would be organised. Unfourtunately it didn’t because it coudn’t. On 22nd of March 2020 Zagreb was hit by an earthquake that has damaged many homes – just a week after the governement announced complete lockdown. People were asked to stay within the safety of their home. That safety was shaken on an early morning 22nd of March. It was heavy and hard. It was frightening and scary.

After some days, community realised how the thing that makes us stronger and able to survive the hardness we were in – was our community and connection. We were still not allowed to physically meet in public, but we were not forbidden to communicate. Social networks became a very valuable tool to stay connected in the physical distance placed upon us.

Anyhow, as the time passed by, and covid-19 cases became smaller – physical meetings were allowed. In the light of surviving and with the wish to celebrate all that was missed – women to women collective organised a party. The party was organised in a yard in Sesvete and has gathered 50 persons that cooked, danced and laughed together.