A first-aid workshop at the centre of the body and health activities organized by the European BRIDGES project

  • The activity was carried out with collaboration from the Red Cross (Creu Roja) in Tortosa.
  • Tortosa city council and the Unió de Consells Esportius de Catalunya (UCEC) are the Catalan representatives of this European initiative to promote social cohesion


Tortosa, 4 May 2021 – Another of the activities which form part of the European BRIDGES project currently underway in Tortosa under the guidance of the local council and the Unió de Consells Esportius de Catalunya sports organization (UCEC) has recently taken place. On 27 April a workshop focused on health issues consisting of a six-hour first aid course took place. Participants learned how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED) as well as how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the Heimlich manoeuvre.

“You only have 3 or 4 minutes to react and by carrying out this manoeuvre correctly you can save lives,” explained one of the participants, 26-year-old Leo Arteaga, who went on to praise the importance of everything they learned in the workshop. Unfortunately, health and safety guidelines due to the present situation with the Covid-19 pandemic meant that only a limited number of people were able to take part in the sessions.

Ever since the BRIDGES project started out in January 2020, a series of activities related to three elements – sport, culture and volunteer work –  have been carried out in and near Tortosa with the aim of promoting social cohesion, intercultural exchange and feelings of solidarity and respect. The first aid workshop is the first activity connected to health issues.

The objective of the project is to help the integration of youngsters from different local social groups through the activities proposed. “I think the project is great. When I arrived in Tortosa 10 years ago, there wasn’t anything similar to do. A project like this would have helped me get to know more people,” added Arteaga. He went on to explain that he would like to get more involved in similar activities, not just as a participant but also as a supervisor or instructor. “I am a football coach and I love teaching and seeing how youngsters learn. I’d love to see those youngsters who can’t afford to pay the fees to join a sports club be able to do something similar for free through projects like this.”

Tortosa is hosting the BRIDGES project as the Catalan representative of this European-wide initiative which is also taking place in Austria, Croatia, Greece and Italy.


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