The BRIDGES programme of inclusive activities comes to an end with a series of outings along the river Ebro on the Lo Sirgador boat

  • 140 children and youngsters have discovered more about the riverside of Tortosa by participating in the different river trips organized these days.
  • Tortosa city council and the Unió de Consells Esportius de Catalunya (UCEC) were the Catalan representatives of this European initiative to promote social cohesion.

Tortosa, 11 May 2021 – The European-wide BRIDGES project which has been taking place in Tortosa has come to an end after over a year of activities aimed at promoting social cohesion, solidarity and inclusive communities. As well as here in Catalonia, the project has also been held in Austria, Croatia, Greece and Italy. It has helped the integration of young members of different social groups and encouraged dialogue and mutual enrichment between cultures. One of the last BRIDGES activities was the session of outings on the river Ebro onboard the Lo Sirgador, a traditional boat used in the past for transporting goods and people, now converted for tourist trips.

Different social and educational bodies from Tortosa, including Creu Roja (the Red Cross), Atzavara-Arrels, Esplai Blanquerna, and the Ujaripen project organized seven different trips for children and youngsters to enjoy an outing on Lo Sirgador where the guide explained the history of the Ebro and they learned about the riverside woodlands and the fauna and flora in and around the river, while also enjoying views of Tortosa quite different from the ones they normally see. “As an experience, you get to know the town much better and it also brings us together as a group. You appreciate how rich the river is and find out about its history as it flows through Tortosa. It also helps to make you feel a little more integrated in the town,” explained Anabel Sabaté, one of the organizers of the Èxit Escolar (School success) project for the local branch of the Red Cross.

140 children and youngsters had the opportunity to enjoy the experience of a trip on the Ebro as several outings were organized. “Projects like BRIDGES are really important as they work towards social cohesion and a mutual understanding among the participants. Fortunately, our town is becoming more and more diverse and we can create a richer society by learning about different cultures, religions and gaining other knowledge from each other. This way we can get on better together as a society,” added Sabaté, who also expressed her hopes that more projects like this could take place to continue the cultural enrichment that BRIDGES has represented.

The BRIDGES project has been a useful tool for social cohesion and interculturality through a series of activities based on three aspects – voluntary work, and sporting and cultural workshops and activities. It has also developed a sense of solidarity and respect among the participants.


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