Gran Tour 2.0. Another bike tour on the Bridges project

Government measures seems to have  losen up and the covid situation is globally improving.

People and communities miss spending time together, talking and getting to know each other.

Within the Bridges project despite uncertain weather condition on the 22nd of May 2021, Cospe association in collaboration with Io Voglio, Associazione dei desideri was able to organise the second Gran Tour of Scandicci, an activity that wants to promote social inclusion for citizens of all cultures.

An many as 15 participants were present at the activity, each one with their own bike, ready to explore the hidden and historical places of Scandicci. Unaccompained minors who came from other areas just to participate to the activity, parents with their children, citizens and youngsters of Scandicci.

The map of the tour included many interesting stops such as the house with the spider shaped lamps, the theater, the municipality square, the school that was build with the money that one of the citizens won on a TV show many years ago ecc.

And little did we know about the industrial area of the city, where nobody goes unless he/she is working there but which has one the largest industries of leather and meat in the world.

In each of the stops xxx, the Tour Guide told the story of the place, of it’s people and every time a melody or a song would play on the background while everyone was biking, up to the next stop.

The afternoon was enriched by a number of casualitites, of people who happened to be at the right place at the right time, such as the family of the famous lady who build an association who greeted us from the balcony as said yes, that was our grandma, the wife of the sculpturist who created one of the biggest sculptures of Scandicci that simbolyses interculturality, who happened to be right in front of the sculpture while the guide was telling its story and reading the poem that the artist created for the wife ecc.

All of these coincidences made the day even more special, but really the rewarding part of the day was seeing participants happy, friendly with each other, exchanging phone numbers and social media profiles.