Bridges sports day – Afro Limbo!

In another collaboration with association Afro Badinya, project Bridges held their third sports activity this May, titled Afro Limbo! The day focused on fitness combined with dancing – and provided over 30 people a chance to participate in the fitness/dancing sessions, as well as an audience of about 50 that got a chance to watch and enjoy the dancing steps!

The event was held in a friendly club that is very close to the river bank, that was then used as a natural place to do the fitness class – some even did it barefoot.  Afro-Limbo also had additional introductory content: conversations with two prominent members of the association, Abi Seydi and Sam Bushara, who talked about their lives here, what motivates them in creating activities for the local population and creating intercultural societies, as well as on their collaboration with project Bridges. In addition, a mask-making workshop that gathered both kids and grown-ups was organised, as well as a quick djembe playing workshop that gathered over 20 people.

The central part of the event was several dance workshops: one was Afro Fitness, focusing on combining fitness elements with energetic traditional West African dancing; the second part was a short workshop and choreography creation of one prominent modern Afrobeats dance. Finally, when the sun came down a third part of the dancing/sports event followed – a limbo dance around the fire, combined with a live djembe drum session! Because the event lasted most of the day and well into the night, we also prepared some food. People went home tired from the dancing, but happy about the feeling of togetherness that was formed throughout the day.