Equinox Exhibition in Living Atelier Zagreb – Spring 2021

Gatherings of local communities in Zagreb continued to happened during the covid pandemics challenge in different ways – online, offline, in the forrest, in smaller groups, and different other creative ways throug which people stayed connected.

We sail through rough seas and unpredictable times. The events we planned were often postponed until further notice due to restrictions. But gatherings were made possible exist because of the dedication, time, effort and resources of volunteers and local community.

Equinox Exhibiton was such an event during spring 2021 – where people gathered in different times and smaller groups in order to keep the community alive and connected. The event gathered around 100 people in total, but in different time frames. Exhibition offered different works that were made during the ceramic workshop where local women and refugee women were working together.  Also the works of glass workshops were presented to the public.