Exhibition “The Passage” – 14.05.2021

The Passage is a collection of memorial portraits made in red and black thread on botanically dyed fabric created during a series of art and research workshops held from November 2020 to February 2021 in Zagreb, Croatia. It gathered women lviing in Zagreb – the ones for whom Croatia is already a home and the ones that wish Croatia to be their home.

The workshops were devised and curated by selma banich and performed with great affection and care by artists, researchers, translators, and other members and supporters.

The Passage was designed to convey a strong political and spiritual message. By commemorating the lives of the people who have died on the migrant trail in the Balkans. The women chose to remember the ones that lost their lives and bring them alive through their art work. Their work also brought to public the discussion on the dangerous journeys people take while searching for safety. The exhibition was paving the way for individual and collective healing, a passage from the normalization of border tragedies to communal learning, empowerment, and care. The exhibition was visited by 50 people and the work will travel around Croatia after the project finishes – giving the continuation of the project roots.