Ginger Zone – Painting frees all

Immigration is quite of a big deal. It is hard for adults, seemingly easier for younger people because they tend to adapt more quickly but afterwards, for all, there is what is called the integration process of learning the language, making meaningful friendships, owning the space you live in.

Now the question especially for non-accompanied minors is where to go?

Most of them are boys, running from one course to another, trying to learn and grow as fast as possible to gain independence and maybe find a job but still the most important issue is how and where to create belonging.

Cospe, in collaboration with the Municipality of Scandicci, has been granted free use of the Ginger Zone building, which has been completely renovated over the past year.

The goal with the space is to focus on young people including non- accompanied minors, on their dreams, aspirations and creativity and to host training courses and innovative activities. The concept of Ginger Zone is to be a space for all, where young people can feel at home, where they will like to spend time at and grow.

Thanks to the Bridges Project, a group of migrant boys have been introduced to the space and have participated, from 5 to 8 October 2020, in street art laboratories called “Disegno libera tutti” (Painting frees all) where 4 street artists of national level, while decorating the external walls of the Ginger building, engaged young migrants and unaccompanied minors in painting and drawing. All of them left their signs and leave something of themselves in the walls of Ginger Zone. They were able to paint, take pictures, and make new friends. Some of them marked their name, their country of nationality, others painted objects, flowers and images that were meaningful to them. All the participants were excited to be part of the activity and to leave something of themselves in the walls of Ginger Zone.

All of these young people have been involved in further activities and will be invited to participate in future initiatives of the project.