Rabha Et Taouil: “Projects like Bridges are necessary for a community to move forward; projects where we come together and communicate and where everyone shares something with others.”

Twenty-two-year-old Rabha Et Taouil is currently studying her third year of Business Management and Administration (ADE) at the Rovira i Virgili University in Tortosa. She has worked for Atzavara Arrels, a community-based group in Tortosa focused on providing educational and emotional support to youngsters and children in Tortosa through different leisure activities. Rabha gave Catalan […]

Again photos in Thessaloniki, in person this time!

After the mitigation of the restriction measures due to the pandemic and as the weather improved, the BRIDGES photography team decided to organize two specific photography projects for the 2nd photography course. The need to be and interact in open environment was evident and the teenagers took advantage of the big parks and nearby nature […]

Reflections from the ‘’Little School’’

This activity, implemented in collaboration with a local grassroots initiative called Scuolina di Poggio alla Croce (Poggio alla Croce Little School), has allowed young asylum seekers and refugees (hosted in local Reception Centres or present on the territory) to continue to follow lessons of Italian language after the restrictions caused by the  Covid-19 pandemic. The […]

“Parlamondo” service for vulnerable citizens

“Parlamondo” is a service activated by COSPE after the Italian government promulgated some emergency economic measures to sustain vulnerable households affected by the closure of non-essential activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Parlamondo was created after a specific need assessment and implemented in collaboration with a number of local grassroots organizations and CSOs (Accoglienza Non […]

Florence, from the participation to the sharing: how the BRIDGES events take place

The reconstruction of the BRIDGES methodology, for the real social cohesion, through the interviews to the members of the BRIDGES’ network «BRIDGES also taught me a way of building these events, that provides for a strongly collective participation, but it’s still efficient and organised and that’s not taken for granted», this is how Paola Pivetta, head […]

Bridges – Covid-19 changes everything in Florence

Participants and volunteers talk about the changes in Florence caused by the Corona Pandemic “In the beginning, each of us worked separately, each association on its own. The district was divided. Now the whole community works closely together and cooperates.We listen more and enrich each other with initiatives and proposals”, says Patricia, the president of […]

How “Bridges” builds help for homework

In response to the situation generated by Coronavirus, COSPE and IParticipate have activated through the Bridges project an online service for helping elementary and middle school students do their homework, catch up on any subjects they have trouble with and/or prepare for the middle school grade test. This service will be delivered by a staff […]