Our magazine is out

Thanks to CSIT, the Bridges project has produced its own magazine, which presents the history of Bridges as well as the many integration activities in the participating associations from Italy, Spain, Croatia and Greece. Enjoy online the Bridges magazine and take part in the integration work of the many volunteers and associations that contribute to […]

Rowing and Nordic walking activities promote group working and intercultural cohesion through sport as part of the European BRIDGES programme

The workshop is one of the sporting activities included in the BRIDGES programme for social inclusion taking place in Tortosa. The activity helped participants learn about the need to improve physical fitness and to work together. Tortosa city council and the Unió de Consells Esportius de Catalunya (UCEC) are the Catalan representatives of this European […]

BRIDGES’s teens clean the city beach of Aretsou

The BRIDGES teenage group of Thessaloniki, organized a voluntary action of cleaning the beach of Aretsou on Wednesday 21.10.2020, with the support of the trainers and volunteers of ANTIGONE and ARSIS NGO. The young participants are unaccompanied refugees and migrants from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Roma from the area of ​​Dendropotamos, and Greek youth from the […]


The project BRIDGES recorded a great success in terms of participation in District 5 of Florence. The councillor of education Funaro, the councillor of welfare Vannucci and the District 5 president Balli: “What has been built this year becomes a reference point for everyone” Over a thousand people involved, a third of them third-country nationals, […]

The Scandicci Grand Tour. Getting to know the territory

A bike ride is the best way to release stress, get our body moving and also getting to know the territory around us. The last is mostly important if you are an immigrant or if you are new to the city, to explore your possibilities and why not, make better decisions about your life. Within […]

Nobody feels excluded: this is how the bridges project changed my life

The Mahamadou’s story, a volunteer in Florence who took part in the social cohesion events promoted in the framework of the European project against racism and xenophobia “BRIDGES has enriched me: my culture has grown and I have discovered wonderful things about other cultures. What was the event that gave me the most? Children’s Carnival […]

Rabha Et Taouil: “Projects like Bridges are necessary for a community to move forward; projects where we come together and communicate and where everyone shares something with others.”

Twenty-two-year-old Rabha Et Taouil is currently studying her third year of Business Management and Administration (ADE) at the Rovira i Virgili University in Tortosa. She has worked for Atzavara Arrels, a community-based group in Tortosa focused on providing educational and emotional support to youngsters and children in Tortosa through different leisure activities. Rabha gave Catalan […]