The BRIDGES programme of inclusive activities comes to an end with a series of outings along the river Ebro on the Lo Sirgador boat

140 children and youngsters have discovered more about the riverside of Tortosa by participating in the different river trips organized these days. Tortosa city council and the Unió de Consells Esportius de Catalunya (UCEC) were the Catalan representatives of this European initiative to promote social cohesion. Tortosa, 11 May 2021 – The European-wide BRIDGES project […]

Building bridges in the neighborhoods of the city

ANTIGONE is trying to “build bridges” that will improve the daily life and the coexistence between the local population and the third country national with an online event that will be held on Saturday 17/4. The theme of the conference, “BRIDGES – building bridges in the neighborhoods of Thessaloniki”, is the inclusion of third country […]

Afrobadinya Summer

Centre for Peace Studies was not keeping still this summer – in collaboration with association Afro Badinya throughout August we organised several workshops as well as musical and dance performances in spaces around the city of Zagreb. In the beginning of August a workshop of African mask-making and West African dance was organised in one […]

Building bridges – from one community to another

Working with refugee women in Croatia has been a rewarding work for Living Atelier that has pushed many personal boundaries within individuals and communities. The City of Zagreb became a starting point for many of the women seeking asylum in Croatia or already having a status. As the community of Zagreb survived an earthquake in […]

Post-lockdown and post-earthquake gathering – Celebrating life!

In 2020, March was supposed to be a month where a celebration of Nowruz would be organised. Unfourtunately it didn’t because it coudn’t. On 22nd of March 2020 Zagreb was hit by an earthquake that has damaged many homes – just a week after the governement announced complete lockdown. People were asked to stay within […]

Music as a connection energy for integration, that remained in the times of crisis

Music touches the soul and doesn’t ask where you come from or which language do you speak. Music connects through the rhythm, sound and melody. Music relaxes. Music heals. These are the premises on which a group called „Home guests“ (in Croatian: Domaćigosti) was gathered and started working together. It is a choir that gathers […]